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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai MassageTraditional Thai Yoga massage is a unique therapy that uses assisted yoga stretches and deep static pressures to increase flexibility. This ancient form of therapeutic healing, has its roots in India, brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks. Each pose helps to relieve muscular tension opening the joints for improved mobility.

The original and traditional Asokananda technique combines acupressure, energy balancing, stretching and applied yoga exercises. Studied and mastered in Northern Thailand at Sunshine Massage School, later specialist one to one training with Thanochai Massage, fine tuning and delving deeper into the practice.

Comfortable stretchy clothing is recommended and the treatment is performed on a futon.

Full Body – 90 mins – £45


Stimulating healing throughout the body using pressure points in the feet.

Reflexology is an ancient healing tradition found in many cultures and based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected to the whole body and when using specific pressure the bodies systems and organs and structures are fully treated. A deeply relaxing and de-stressing treatment for a healthy functioning immune system, physical and mental wellness, healing and recovery. A course of treatments is recommended.

Consultation Treatment – 75 mins –  £40

Subsequent Treatments – 60 mins – £35

Indian Head Massage

This ancient technique works the entire upper body, scalp and face; all the areas that are subjected to physical and psychological stress. An uplifting treatment to alleviate muscular tension, stiffness and relieving scalp irritation. Performed on an ergonomic posture chair this a  must for office workers.

45 Mins – £35

Leg Reviver Massage

Treat your aching legs & feet to a deep massage, draining fluid retention and easing heaviness. All rounded off with a bit of zen reflexology.

60 mins – £40

Lifesaving Back Treat

A deep cleansing stress-relieving back treatment. Includes body brushing, exfoliation and steam to help clear skin congestion. Followed by a luxurious Aromatherapy massage combined with warmed Marine Mud.

60 mins – £40

Glow Body Polish

Dry body brushing, organic scrub, complete with soothing, balm and oils for the body & face. Pre or post holiday, for detox or to stimulate sluggish circulation.