Massage Therapy

Massage at SeascapeDeep Tissue Remedial Body Massage

Deep tissue remedial work releases tension, eases aches and fatigue by releasing fibrous knots. This thorough ‘Hands on’ approach brings powerful results, and when carried out regularly brings comfort, mobility and relieves pain within the body. Grapeseed/Almond oil base, full body treatment.

Full Body 1 hour 15 minutes £50.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage.

Treatment works solely on those overworked stressed areas. Desk workers, drivers, manual workers and anyone will benefit from a regular treatment. Tight spots loosened, back pain relieved, manipulating the muscles alongside the vertebral column bringing movement and comfort. Extended time can be given for optimum results.

45 mins £35, Intensive 1 hour £40.

Aromatherapy Massage

The alchemy begins as I blend specific essential oils selected to work in synergy with ailments, emotion or a desired outcome. Beneficial for the skin, the muscles, encouraging healing, alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, restoring wellbeing and energy.

Full body, Scalp & Face Treatment. 1 hour 15 minutes £50.

Hot Stones

Incorporate basalt hot stones into your treatment for maximum results. Heat, warmth and pressure are increased for an effective and intensive loosening of the muscles, warming the body and allowing greater intensity.

Add £5 to your session