All waxing treatments are complemented with natural, pre and post-wax products to cleanse, calm, and soothe waxed areas.

Perron RigotPerron Rigot Hot Waxing – Exclusive

The superior Perron Rigot wax from France, the latest and highest quality  ‘non-strip’ hot wax on the market. Trained by the infamous ‘Wax Queen’ Kim Lawless in precision Intimate waxing. This technique, used globally and for years, is renowned for long-lasting and amazing results, with reduced sensitivity, less pain without those annoying ingrowing hairs.

Bikini £10
High-tide £15
Brazilian £20
Hollywood £25

Hygenic Strip

Using the reputable ‘Clean & Easy’ roller waxing system, for a clean, quick, and hygienic finish.

Full Leg £22
Half Leg £15
Underarm £7
Full Arm £10
Forearm £8
Brows £8
Lip or Chin £6
Abdomen £5

Male Waxing

Back £15
Chest £20