Integral Yoga

In class we come together to practice with others in a space for anyone of any background, age or capacity. Experiencing first-hand the benefits and traditions of yoga.

Yoga translates as union, an honour and respect for this integrated 8 limbed practice. Through posture, breath, philosophy and self awareness; we follow a path that brings yoga alive in and around us.

Integral yoga is a synthesis of the various branches of yoga. A system for the harmonious development of every aspect of the individual.

Swami Satchinanda

With Hatha yoga we explore Asana- postures. Focusing on steady and comfortable movement, mirroring the bodies authentic tempo. We remain present and patient with each form.

Yana Yoga develops a willingness of self-enquiry. Observing the habits of thought, feeling and physical experience. A choice to discern between the distractions of the ego or to quieten, settling peacefully into presence.

As Raja yogis, practice becomes firmly grounded with a dedication of gentle discipline, concentration and attention. An ethical path of suggestions for care, ease, gentleness and love for you and those close. Embracing the yoga of action, Karma yoga, bridging this into life for longevity.

Yoga is for everyone, my classes are open to anyone willing to try, no prerequisites and nothing to be or prove. Bring an open mind, a feeling to ‘have a go’ and some time dedicated to you. That’s enough to begin.

My teaching

I found yoga 10 years ago, another type of ‘self-help’; beginning on a yoga mat and moving into life. The navigation of our bodies as a natural tool to open, heal and assist; for function and health. As my practice continued, I qualified as a tutor, under the ongoing instruction of Rowan Cobelli and Integral Yoga Dorset.

My classes explore the ancient Yoga Sutras and traditional teachings of Swami Satchinanda. This philosophy combined with Hatha postures, brings meaning to our practice. A gentle discipline that feels good to follow.

Most of all, yoga is not a competition of physical ability. Instead, a process of gentle refinement and self-observation. Fuel the body and mind with honesty and softness that is beneficial to all.

Class Timetable

Day Time Location
Monday 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am
Thursday 10:00 am at Yoga Shala, 115 Penn Hill Ave, Poole BH14 9LY
Thursday 7:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am
Saturday 9:30 am at Shiva Shakti, 9a Clarence Park Road BH7 6LG

Classes by appointment, small friendly, attentive groups.

Classes are 90 mins. 4-week block bookings £28 (recommended). Drop-in £8 (availability permitting)

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